Mobility Scheme for BSOs and SMEs of the EaP and the EU

Dear member of the BSOs partnerships,

We are contacting you as we are launching a mobility scheme that might be of your interest.

Under this initiative, similar to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, participants from the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) can have a business exchange in a hosting participant based in the EU.

The scheme addresses 2 categories of participants:

1) Staff from Business Support Organisations (BSOs) from the EaP who can have an exchange of a max. of 2 months at a hosting organisation in the EU

2) SMEs owners or managers from the EaP who can have a 1-month exchange with a hosting entrepreneur from the EU.

The outgoing participants will receive a lump sum (the amount depends on the destination country) which is supposed to cover their travel, insurance, rent and subsistence. The amounts are substantial as the exchanges are short and outgoing participants will need to cover transportation and accommodation in a short term which might be turn out to be slightly more expensive.

The hosting participants, both BSOs and SMEs, will also receive a flat financial support of 350 euro/month, meant to (partially) cover the costs of one more person in the organisation (desk, phone/internet connection, etc.).

There are around 85 exchanges foreseen, 50 involving BSOs and 35 involving SMEs between February and May 2023.

We encourage in particular Ukrainian participants to apply (even if they are not based in Ukraine at the moment).

We are contacting you as:

  1. Your organization is eligible to take part in this mobility scheme as hosting BSO/outgoing BSO
  2. Your network of SMEs are also eligible to take part as hosting SMEs/outgoing SME for a period of 1 month and we would very much appreciate your help in further disseminating this initiative among them

On the 18th of January 2023, from 10 to 11 a.m. (Brussels time), we plan to organize a short zoom meeting to present this initiative in more detail. This meeting will be the preliminary step before organizing an online matchmaking event (end of January, potentially the 31st) where we would be thrilled to have you, and perhaps those of your SMEs who are interested to take part in this short mobility scheme.

You can find more details about the exchange [ here ] and register to the info session [ here ].

We thank you for your attention and we take this opportunity to wish you a fantastic start to 2023!


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